Automated Remote Intel Energy System

Imagine smart. Now, imagine yourself satisfied with natural ventilation needs of your home or any recreational space. An environment that adapts to your desired cooling needs where you can live. work, play comfortably.With Waft home, you can. Featuring an all new intuitive design, WAFT enables intelligent ceiling fan climate control on your mobile devices right at your fingertips.Equipped with a wide range of energy efficient modes to suit each individual’s styles and needs, WAFT keeps you cool and comfortable all year round without you having to worry about losing remote controls or fumbling with ceiling fan switch regulators. Interested ? Read on to find out more.


WAFT In 3 Easy Steps

Enjoy the benefits of energy efficient ventilation within any space equipped with WAFT home. Featuring a wide range of intelligent smart fan features, Sit back, relax and enjoy your sweat free environment because you can.


Available across Android, Apple Store, platforms, Waft can be downloaded into most mobiles, easily and conveniently anywhere.


Once Waft is installed, process to install it on your mobile device.

Ready To Use

Congratulations! Feel Fre to start exploring the future of smart energy efficient ventilation with WAFT.

Remote, Flexible Control

With the flexibility of multiple fans synchronised to your mobile devices, satisfy your ventilation needs in any place with both convenience and ease of use with WAFT home.

Easy to Use

During the initial stages of setup, simply swipe through our user friendly intuitive menu, or follow the on screen instructions to add your WAFT compatible ceiling fans to your mobile device.

Efficient Savings

Equipped with six preset modes, WAFT provides flexible control over the energy savings of your ceiling fans enabling you to save more energy while achieving the optimum wind intensity, wind spread distance needed for your space.

Intelligent Smart Modes

In 3 easy steps, explore WAFT home through an all new touch interface featuring a range of preset smart intelligent modes, or customise your desired ventilation profile according to your needs.

Efficiency within your control

WAFT. Intelligence At Your Fingertips.

Designed for close proximity detection and energy efficient operation of ceiling fans, WAFT features low energy (BLE) 4.o sensing capabilities and smart energy modulation controls through an intelligent processing unit. Choose to satisfy your needs of natural comfortable ventilation while saving both energy and cost efficiently over the long run with WAFT home.

Manual Efficient Mode

Often set as the default manual mode, users have full access to all capabilities of WAFT to customise energy efficiency preferences according to their needs.

Natural Breeze Mode

With natural breeze, a natural rhythmic wind breeze creates an ideal climate for both work and play.

Timer Control Mode

Timer control is often used in conjunction with air conditioning units to circulate even airflow within a confined space to save energy.

Delay Off Mode

With Delay off option, users can choose to ventilate areas such as kitchen spaces while they are away.

Sleep Setting Mode

Sleep Setting enables users to customise a comfortable airflow rate whereby a recurring strong breeze complements your preset airflow rate that follows creating a calm atmosphere prior to sleep.

Smart Control Mode

With Smart Control, users can customise preferences according to their needs through the capabilities of WAFT home.

Gain Control At Your Fingertips With

With WAFT home, Choose or customise a variety of smart intelligent mode settings to suit your preference and style while saving costs and being energy efficient at the same time.

Control From Your Smart Phone

Available on both Android and Apple platforms, WAFT home enables intelligent ceiling fan climate control on your mobile devices right at your fingertips. Equipped with a wide range of energy efficient modes to suit each individual style and needs, keep cool and comfortable all year round without worrying about losing another remote control or fumbling with ceiling fan switch regulators.

WAFT. Your Style, Your Needs.

Choose or customise a variety of smart intelligent mode settings to suit your preference and style while being energy efficient and save costs in the long run.

WAFT. New Gen Remote Intel

WAFT. Explore!
You will love it.

With WAFT, Choose or customise a variety of smart intelligent mode settings to suit your preference and style while being energy efficient and save costs over in the long run.

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